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Trendstone is a brand of man made recon quartz stone slabs. Trendstone Quartz is created from up to 93% natural quartz, enhanced polymer resins and pigments.

Trendstone is a well known brand in New Zealand, after years of perfecting our range we felt it the perfect time to move our product to Australia.  Our quartz surfaces are now also becoming ever more popular within Europe with our distributors in Italy and the UK.

Quartz is one of the hardest minerals on earth. As it comprises the majority of Trendstone’s slabs, it performs very well as a benchtop, bathroom vanity or wall paneling. Trendstone quartz is a durable product that is resistant to heat, stains, chips and scratches.

The benefit of engineered stone is that you can be sure the properties and patterns of each slab will be identical.

We offer a manufactures warranty against faulty slabs the same as other engineered quartz brands in Australia.

What Is Trendstone: Our Process
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